OnGuard Boxer 5048 Disc Brake Lock

The Boxer 5048 brake lock from OnGuard is designed to work with motorcycles and motorscooters and it has a locking mechanism with dual steel balls. It comes with an M-Cylinder mechanism which is well known and it works well towards protecting against theft. It also comes with pick-proof guts and anti-drill protection and it’s both heat and weather resistant. Other things that are included are a disc reminder, a carrying pouch, one light key for the night time and four keys that are laser cut. The device weighs around two pounds and it has dimensions of 2.6 by 7.8 by 11 inches.

OnGuard Boxer 5048 Keep in mind that this brake lock will work together with the OnGuard Beast 5018L chain. The locking mechanism will work quite well and there is a good chance that your bikes will not be stolen if you use them together. You might want to consider using this brake lock to make sure doesn’t roll away with your motorcycle. You can keep it between the spokes of the brake rotor, so you can placed it and remove it easily when you need to.

Boxer 5048C

The 5048C Boxer comes with a bolt locking mechanism called X4 Power Quattro, a steel case that is armored hardened, titanium plating and a touch lock system. It comes with a carrying pouch that has a reminder cable and a belt clip, one light key for use during the night and five keys that are laser cut. Since this item has 5 Star security level, it is a lock that will work great towards resisting against theft in areas with high crime rates.

The 5048C is a disc lock that is highly rated (the highest as far as the OnGuard systems are concerned). You will spend a few dollars extra than on the regular Boxer 5048 model, but you get a slightly higher security rating so it’s worth it. The 5048C has a shackle that is 5/8”, while the regular model has a ½” shackle, so choose accordingly. With whatever disc brake you use, you will deter people from trying to get the bike and simply put it inside a truck, so try to chain it up against something that can’t be moved. If that isn’t possible, you can use this lock to protect it, and it will resist both direct attacks and the use of hand bolt cutters. The OnGuard locks come with a great lock mechanism.

A nice story that I’ve heard is about a new owner of this brake lock, which was placed on a new Vespa, which was inside a garage. After a few days, the owners left the door of the garage open by mistake, during the night. When morning came, the police was at their front door, called by some neighbors which saw somebody unknown inside their garage. The cops got there fast enough to catch the thief and the owners found out later from their neighbors that the thief was working on their Vespa bike for at least ten minutes, without being able to steal it. The lock had prevented the thief from getting the Vespa during all this time. According to the police report, the thief had some bolt cutters in the bag and he still couldn’t get passed the brake lock.