Club Brake Lock Anti-Theft Device

This anti-theft device called The Club is a steering wheel lock that is patented and it is the best selling device for trucks and cars, that is mechanical in nature. This device is very visible, so it acts as a deterrent from a visual point of view, so thieves know immediately that the car is well protected. Since a thief needs effort and time to get passed it, The Club is a great choice, since they’re not easy at all to defeat. It basically works by not allowing the clutch or brake pedal from getting depressed. The vehicle can’t be driven if you can’t use the clutch or the brake, so this device does its job well.

Club Brake Lock The Club comes with a red finish, so it’s better visible from the exterior of the car. It has a self locking feature that is very easy to use. You just need to pull once and it is locked. This brake lock device can be fitted on most SUV’s, trucks and cars. The item has a weight of around five pounds.

If you try to compare this brand with others, you will see that the price is much better. Some people might think that it’s a slim looking lock and it might not be as strong as it could be, but the tests show that it’s a good device. The device works quite well when placed on the car. Some people might not like that the device doesn’t come with a steer wheel cover, to show thieves that a brake lock protects the car.

An advantage of the lock for brake pedals is that you can’t move the car at all, while the steering lock allows the car to be moved. To use it, all you need to do is pull its latch and you will no longer be able to move the brake pedal.

There are two potential issues that one might see with this type of lock. First of all, you might have issues inserting the lock. A bit of practice will be needed to find the best position to install it. In most cases, you will need to open the door widely when you want to install it. Second, you will probably want a steering cover as well, to give thieves a warning that your car has a brake lock placed inside and that they shouldn’t try anything. You want this as well because the brake lock is small and the thief might break the window before finding out that he can’t move the car. This way you might end up paying for a glass window.

The theory says that it is possible for the thief to drive the car by using the emergency brake when he needs to stop. In practice, they will just move to a different car, instead of taking the extra work to steal yours. Considering the money you pay for it, this is a very good buy.

Besides the fact that it’s a good deal, it comes with fast shipping. Again, it might not look very solid, but it does the work well and it can’t be easily cut by a thief. You can also choose to use it as a gift either for yourself or to give to somebody else.